Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement

General Standard

DigiClick Corp. will use generally acceptable reasonable efforts to maintain its overall VoIP Services quality.  The quality of VoIP Services shall be consistent with industry standards and sound business practices. 

Customer Support Hours

Our support team is available during working hours Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (excluding all federal holidays for which the “after-hours and emergency” protocol takes effect).  After hours and emergency (emergencies are defined as service outages caused by hosted system) situations are handled by emailing which is sent to our on-call support personnel.  

Service Availability

We will not inform you of a planned service outage or minor incidents of unplanned outage outside of normal business hours. In the event of a major service outage (where the Service is expected to be unavailable during normal business hours) we will endeavor to inform you of the problem using the email address supplied to us. Service Downtime is measured from the time a Case is raised with us by you until the Service is restored. Downtime does not include any element associated with any problem on your infrastructure or the internet but refers exclusively to the Hosted Business Telephony Service.


DigiClick Corp. Service Level Agreement (SLA) objectives do not include period of service outages or other service level deficits, in whole or in part, due to any of the following causes and/or exclusions:

  • Customer fails to report the issue or request a trouble ticket.
  • Service Interruptions or delay arising out of or in connection with, but not limited to, the following: (a) any act or omission on the part of Customer our a third party; (b) interruption occurring because Customer elects not to release the Service for testing and repair by DigiClick Corp. but continues to use it on an impaired basis; (c) failing to provide access to Customer premises as reasonably requested by DigiClick Corp. or its agents to enable to DigiClick Corp. to comply with its obligation, including having a Customer representative present to assist in performing diagnostic testing and to resolve problems should they exist; (d) the failure of a service or equipment that is not part of VoIP Services; any inside wiring; and/or (f) CPE, router or firewall configuration changes made by Customer or made in response to security threats, breaches or attacks. 
  • DigiClick Corp. or Customer’s scheduled outages, network maintenance or emergency maintenance
  • Any force majeure event beyond the reasonable control of DigiClick Corp. including, but not limited to cable cuts.
  • Any failure, issue or delay associated in whole or in part, with off net services, including but not limited to, local access or cross-connects.
  • Any failure, issue or delay associated, in whole or in part, with Customer’s or third party’s software, equipment, applications, facilities, and/or internal network.
  • Any event or occurrence that results in “no trouble found” by DigiClick Corp.
  • VoIP Services that have not been accepted by Customer or issues that occur within the first thirty (30) days of the Activation Date of the specific VoIP Services.
  • VoIP Services that do not directly interface to a port on DigiClick Corp, or its Provider’s network via physical or logical connection.
  • During emergency network conditions where dynamic rerouting is required.
  • Only apply to circuits originating and terminating in the contiguous United States. 

Off net services

In the event of any failure of network availability of such off net services or failure to meet any other service level agreement of such off net services provided by DigiClick Corp. and/or its Provider (a) to Customer, DigiClick Corp. agrees to pass through a service credit equal to the service credit received by DigiClick Corp. from such Provider(s) if any; (b) Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy, and DigiClick’s sole and exclusive liability and responsibility, for any failure of network availability of such off net services or failure to meet any other service level agreement of such off net services is as stated.  In no event shall any failure to meet any SLA objective or off net services service level agreements constitute, or be deemed to constitute, a breach by DigiClick Corp. of the Agreement with a Customer.