Ideas Make a Difference

Available Business Features

Not all features are included with each monthly unlimited plan

* additional fees may apply

Phone System
Access your account using your personal admin portal
Create your own voice menu system that allows callers to be transferred to a specific extension or department within your company
A light on the phone that tells you whether another extension is in use. Depending on the type of phone you have, BLF's will remain green if the extension is free to talk
Visually displays a caller ID prefix to notify the call recipient of the nature of the incoming call based upon a preset
Block incoming calls from specific phone numbers or area codes
Redirect incoming calls to another telephone phone number, voicemail box or mobile number
Retain an existing call while accepting or originating another call using the same phone
A record of calls and their details for any or all extensions on your account
Park or put a call on hold in a designated spot for someone to continue the conversation from that same spot on another phone
Retrieve call data and historical call analysis to gain insights into call usage and help improve efficiency and performance
Allows you to have the person that you are speaking with wait while you answer another call: If you're on one call when another comes in, you'll hear the call waiting beep in your ear
Identify an incoming call by adding a tag to each of your phone numbers
Displays a caller's phone number on the recipients' phone device before the call is answered
Block your outgoing caller ID from being displayed
Connect to your VoIP system from your cell phone
Have up to 30 callers participate in a phone call using a unique PIN. Callers can dial into a virtual meeting room from any phone
Ability for caller to use phone keypad to enter the recipient's name. The automated response menu will list all team members from your office
Create your own directory listings
Allows two different numbers to reach the same phone line with different ring patterns
Automatically send all incoming calls to voicemail
Set any phone number on your account to display as your caller ID
Create recordings to establish your brand and communicate your company's message
Eliminate PBX hardware by hosting your VoIP system in the cloud
Broadcast an announcement to employees across all office locations
Select a phone number from more than 230 available area codes to have a local presence in any market
Receive an alert of a missed call and its details to your email
Expand your auto-attendant with a more in-depth menu that provides self-service access for your customers
Use our default music or upload custom announcements and recordings for customers to listen to when on hold
Broadcast a one-way announcement to desk phones and overhead paging devices
Create a group of phones to ring all at one time
Have an incoming call ring your cell phone or other phone(s) as a business call comes in
A panel designed for a live receptionist
Add a third party to your conversation
Create templates to be deployed for new employees based on user preference
Receive voicemails to your email in a .wav file
Retrieve your voicemail from anywhere you are through your individual user portal
Call Center
Have the ability to listen in on and monitor live calls
Record all or selected extensions at all times. Have the ability to go back and listen to calls when needed
Have the ability to record calls when needed only. Activate call recording on demand
A call queue holds calls in a first in, first out order until an agent becomes available. The customer can choose to wait in the queue or receive a call back
View real-time call status of all or a group of extensions
Avoid unauthorized international calling charges by implementing a code on your account that is required prior to allowing and international call to be placed
Provide selected access of user portal to employees
Provide selected access of user portal to employees
Forward incoming calls to ring on one or multiple phone numbers in a set sequence
Register up to three devices on a single extension

Optional Add-On Features

* additional fees apply

Caller ID Name. CNAM is the technology that makes your name appear on the Caller ID screen when you place an outgoing call.
Use your VoIP system on your desktop
Integrate your PBX with SIP based door entry systems
Keep you current phone number(s)
Have a professional recording created for greetings, IVR, voicemail messages and more
Register up to three devices on a single extension
800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 and 833
Available with compatible video phones
Create extensions without a physical desk phone
A mailbox to be shared by a group. This is usually a general mailbox that is not meant for any specific person