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Instantly expand your company products and increase sales with our turnkey partner program. We make it simple and easy. Simply complete the form below and a DigiClick representative will contact you to schedule a FREE Training session! Start your own VoIP service without a large investment. There are no minimum commitments, no contracts, and no hidden fees.

How does it work?

The monthly reseller fee is charged to your credit card automatically each month on or around the anniversary of your monthly signup. All wholesale services are entirely prepaid. You will need to deposit money into your VOIPo account using a credit card (minimum of $10 per deposit) and maintain a positive balance at all times. When you order phone numbers or other services, we will deduct the cost from your balance. As your customers make and receive calls, we will deduct the wholesale cost of the calls from your balance in real-time.

You are able to setup automatic deposits that are triggered when your balance reaches $1 or any amount you request to be your low balance notifier. If the balance goes negative, all phone numbers will immediately go to busy and all calls will fail until the account is replenished. If an account balance is negative for 7 or more days, the account will be closed and all numbers permanently disconnected.
You are able to set caps and limits on minutes for your customers so that they cannot exceed certain thresholds.